Program curriculum

School enrollment studio is held every four years, the entrance test held in the rehearsal «Lezginka» ensemble consists of 3 rounds.

  Checking the external and physical data (lifting weights, turnout, flexibility, jump. health assessment, evaluation of dance, music and expression)


Classical dance
National dance (dances of the peoples of Dagestan and the Caucasus)the History of choreography
Folk-stage dance (dances of the peoples of the World) Historical dance
Musical instrument and listening to music Modern ballroom dance
Musical instrument (optional) Preparing live (practice)
Acrobatics (high wire)


School studio "Lezginka" - a special system of training highly skilled dancers fluent in different types of dance that can embody the national character in the feature image having a high performance culture.
The basis of the school of dance - the continuity of traditions, which provides direct transmission of dance techniques from teachers of the ensemble and the studio school to students.
To conduct workshops invited the best specialists in Russia.
Upon completion of training graduates are awarded a specialty - the ballet dancer folk dance.

Contacts school

E-mail: Telephone: +7 (456) 139-54-78